There have been many storms in my life, and at times it was quite overwhelming. There was physical and emotional pain, and despite my best efforts to control it all, it was not until I surrendered my life to Jesus that things began to turn around. What I found out was that God was truly on my side. When things get tough, He is my peace. When I need someone to talk to, He is there to listen. When I need help, He extends a hand from heaven.

Be Happy and Be Blessed... Luisa

But the story will have a happy ending. There is still hope for my daughter, as she has 100% of her life remaining to make good choices. There is a whole world  of women just like you, transforming their lives and the lives of their children. Then there are my 2 granddaughters, who will break the generational cycle of Single Mothers in my family, because THEY ARE THE CHANGE!

After many years of being single, I met my husband Mike in 2005. We were married in 2008, and have weathered the many storms that come with any relationship. We are committed to the kind, loving and respectful marriage that I aspire for all Single Mothers. And our 2 granddaughters get to live in a 2 parent household, although not in the normal way. So if any of you are living with your mom, I know that scene as well.

I can list all of my qualifications, but my passion for this cause far outweighs my degrees. In 2010 I received my certification from the Coach Training Alliance, but my true education is from the University of Hard Knocks, class of 1979. I am the author of 2 books, which get straight to the point and will tell you about yourself. I have a brilliant coaching program that will transform your life if you allow it to. And I spend as much time as I can speaking to and making a difference for Single Mothers in my business, in my church, on the bus, in a store and anywhere else that God places me.

I was also a Single Mother. I got married young just to escape my house. and the marriage did not last long. I had only one child, a daughter. While her father was in her life to a certain extent, trust me when I tell you the responsibility of raising her was on MY shoulders. So as a Single Mother myself, I know how you feel. And my one and only daughter is a Single Mother of 2 young girls. So if your daughter is a Single Mother, I know how you feel.

I was raised as 1 of 12 children by a Single Mother on public assistance. My father never married my mother. While he was in our lives to a certain extent, trust me when I tell you that the responsibility of raising us was on the shoulders of my mother. So if you are a child of a single mother, I know how you feel.

Here is my Empowering Story!