Question: My boyfriend lives with me and my son. When I go to church, they say we should get married. Is this what God truly wants?

Answer:YES! God does want you to be married, and the Hope and Help for Single Moms program is tailored get you in the right mindset for marriage. The program is tailored to your personal circumstances, so you can get started where ever you are in life.

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Question: I have 3 kids and no time to do anything except work, cook and clean. I get some help from the fathers, but it seems like I am alone in this. Is it possible to find time for myself?

Answer:YES! With 3 kids, it is easy to get so overwhelmed that you can't catch up to yourself. In the Hope and Help for Single Moms program, scheduling your day is a top priority. My mother had 12 kids and lived by a schedule. If it worked for her, it can work for you!

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Question: I hold down 2 jobs, but my child's father does not support his daughter. I can't seem to make ends meet. Is there anything that will help me out of this mess?

Answer:YES! Most people do not know where their money goes each month. In the Hope and Help for Single Moms program, you will learn how to create a budget to use your money wisely. You will also get tips on how to eliminate debt and save for the future.

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TheScholarship rate program includes...

  • You will create a vision for your personal life that stretches well beyond anything you can imagine right now
  • You will overcome your past mistakes and choices
  • ​You will become financially stable by creating a budget
  • You will find ways to balance and prioritize your life by creating a schedule
  • ​You will develop  the tools to demand accountability and command respect as a powerful partner in a healthy, loving relationship that leads to marriage

PLUSMuch, Much More!!!

FREE No Nonsense Accountability

There is no progress without action. You will see results faster when you put your new found knowledge into practice. Your monthly action steps will take you to a new level, and Luisa will be right there with you to keep you on track.

Get the Training Call and Action Steps in a PDF Format. Some people learn by listening, and some people learn by reading. These lessons are the perfect compliment to the audio calls. We'll send you a FREE binder to keep them organized so you can refer to them over and over.

FREE Monthly Lessons and Action Steps

Need a fast fix between coaching calls? Sometimes a quickie is just what we need. Maybe you have a question that just can't wait. Every week Luisa will have select hours that she sets aside for Quickie Coaching. Just dial in during these hours and ask your question. It is first come, first serve and no appointment is necessary.

FREE Quickie Coaching

Every month you will receive a FREE training call. These calls are based on the topic you are working on that month. Luisa will break it down to you in her own NO NONSENSE way, using kindness, compassion and humor. Each training call will give you the tools you need to empower your relationship and your life. The call will also discuss the Action Steps that will take you to the next level. All calls are hosted by Luisa and will be available to you to listen over and over. 

FREE Monthly Training Calls

The Biggest Benefits of the

Hope and Help for Single Moms Program

FREE 1 on 1 coaching with Luisa

This is where the magic takes place. Some coaching programs offer 1 on 1 calls, but then pass you off to one of the assistants on staff. In THIS program, you get the one and only head coach, Luisa Otero. Every month, you will have access to Luisa's coaching calendar, where you will be able to select a time that is convenient for you. Then, on the day of your call, just dial in, enter the special access code, and Luisa will be there waiting for you!

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Independence, the Old Skool Way

Are you ready for a FREE

"Hope and Help" phone call?

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scholarship rate for this amazing program,

but there are only 10 spots available.

"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things."         ~ 1 Corinthians 13:7

Ladies... God wants you to be married. He wants your children to be raised in a healthy environment where two people work together in a kind and loving way. He wants you to set an example for your children. Ladies... you CAN create a new relationship for yourself and your life. In the natural it may seem impossible, but our God is supernatural. He makes ways when no way seems possible!

 Module 6 - Relationships

Most mothers will say that THEY run their house. But in reality, it is the children who do. This is not healthy for either mother or child. Kids need discipline, not appeasement. Kids need structure, not inconsistency. Kids need attention, not be ignored. Kids need a book, not a cell phone. I can go on here, but in this module we will talk about ways to raise your children so they can grow into productive adults.

 Module 5 - Who Runs your House?

"Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it."                                                          ~ Proverbs 22:6 ESV

"I can do all things through Him that strengthens me."      ~ Philippians 4:13 ESV

Ladies, it's time to slow down and look at how you are living your life. Are you running on auto-pilot? Is your life a blur? Do you have time to stop and take a deep breath? When your life is out of balance, it becomes a chore to be dealt with. Balance is a choice, and in this module we will talk about what is truly important to you, and how to get all your priorities in place.

Module 4 - Balance and Priorities

Ladies, money DOES matter! I know there never seems to be enough, and it is hard to get from one week to the next. But God always makes a way when no way seems possible. In this module you will learn to budget your money, whatever money that is. You will figure out where you spend it, then figure out where you "need" to spend it in order to have enough to live comfortably. You might even be able to save some!

“For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether she has enough to complete it.”      ~ Luke 14:28 ESV

 Module 3 - Money Matters

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, she is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come."           ~ 2 Corinthians :17 ESV

We all have a past. We all make poor choices and mistakes. And we never allow ourselves to forget. Our mistakes of the past can haunt us now and in the future, but only if you allow them to! Forgiveness is a way to find peace within yourself. And when you repent of your sins, God forgives you! In this module, you will have a chance to forgive yourself for the choices you have made, complete and release your past, and learn to be OK with yourself as you are.

Module 2  -  Erasing the "Old Tapes"

If you can see it in your mind, you can have it in your life. As a Single Mother, your life can overwhelm you if you allow it to. Sometimes you can't even think about a good nights sleep, much less the future for you and your children. In this first module, you will create a 6 month and a 2 - 4 year vision for you as an Independent Mom. This becomes the blueprint you will follow for the program.

“The plans of the diligent surely lead to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.”  

                                                  ~ Proverbs21: ESV

Module 1 - Dare to Dream

This program is designed to get RESULTS RIGHT NOW! Life is short, and we are not promised tomorrow. For some Single Moms, it is easier to complain, stay resentful and live a mediocre life. So if you think you have no room for growth, think you are too old, not smart enough or not deserving of an extraordinary life, then maybe this program is not for you. But if you are tired of living the way you are, and ready to have it all, then please keep reading and make sure you watch all the video's...

We were on public assistance, so there was not much money in the household. So whatever she got was precious. If she ran out of money before the next check, we were in trouble. So she created a budget. Each expense had a dollar amount next to it and she did not deviate from it... because she couldn't! It was not much, but we always had enough because she did not spend recklessly.

You CAN...

       *** Take control of your finances no matter how much money you have!

       *** Be on time, every time getting the kids to school and you to work!

       *** Create time for yourself to recharge your batteries!

       *** Care for your children AND care for yourself at the same time!

       *** Become a powerful INDEPENDENT woman and mother!

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, stay right here and keep reading, because Hope and Help is on the way. 

My Mother had 12 children in rapid succession, and raised us by herself for pretty much the whole time. From the outside, you may look at that and say "what was wrong with that woman?" But I looked at her from a different point of view. She was my hero. She was as strong a woman as you could be. And the lessons she taught me have served me well.

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Ladies... life is too short

and we are not promised tomorrow.

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​All that experience is great, but it exposes the generational cycle of single parent households that I am determined to break!

My declaration is that the cycle breaks with MY 2 granddaughters! And my mission is to help you change YOUR world

so the cycle breaks with YOUR children!

​​I was raised by a Single Mother as 1 of 12 children, so I know

what YOUR CHILDREN are going through. I was a Single Mother,

so I know what YOU are going through. And my daughter is a

Single Mother, so I know what YOUR MOTHER is going through!

Highlights of the

Hope and Help for Single Moms

1 on 1 coaching and mentoring program

What is holding me back?

We are all created equal in the eyes of God. His plan for us gives us the opportunity to Be, Do or Have anything we desire. So if your life is not turning out the way you want, be honest with yourself and ask the question...

Question: My 2 children are constantly fighting with each other. I have trouble getting them to eat, and they are starting to talk back to me. Can I raise them without losing my mind?

Answer:YES! Children take their cue from you. They will do whatever you let them get away with. Remember that they are your children, not your friends. In the Hope and Help for Single Moms program, you will find many ways to take control of your house, and earn respect while you do it.

Can't call in during the Quickie hours? Send Luisa a question via e-mail Monday thru Friday and she will respond with an answer within 48 hours.

Hope and Help for Single Moms 

is a Spiritual based, 6 month 1 on 1

coaching and mentoring program

My point is that if it worked for her 50 years ago with 12 kids, no electronics and a TV with 5 channels, it can surely work for you in todays world. The reason the young children of today are all over the place is because their parents are all over the place. As a single mother, I was faced with the same challenges and difficulties. My Single Mom daughter has 2 young children of her own and it breaks my heart to think they may go through this too. So it is the young children we need to think about. There are so many single parent households today, and we are faced with a crisis that we must stop. Single Moms, it is your responsibility to become Independent not only for yourself, but for the sake of your children too!

Trust me when I tell you, my mother dealt with the same issues that you are dealing with today. Not enough money, not enough time and not enough support when it came to child care. So to keep her sanity with 12 kids, she had to have a system of managing her home to avoid chaos.

We also lived by a schedule. She had a lot of kids to get ready for school. A lot of kids to cook for. A lot of mess to clean after. We had limited space, so we ate in shifts, bathed in shifts, did everything by the clock to avoid chaos. And it worked. Somehow we all got to school, all got fed and all got cleaned up and ready for bed. And bed time was early. Trust me, we were not up until 11:00. Thats because the evening was my mothers time to take care of herself. She had it programmed into her day.

Do you feel like you never have enough money?​

Are you always running late?

Do you want "ME" time for yourself?

Does the all the child care fall on you?

Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

Can you use more sleep?

Do you sometimes feel in complete overwhelm?

Before I started the Hope and Help for Single Moms program, I was in countless toxic relationships and addicted to emotional pain. I had little self-love and no plan for my life. Coaching with Luisa has made me realize how strong I really am. I have learned to apply the techniques she teaches to become clear on my vision, my faith and my beliefs. I am able to put God first, make better choices for myself and say "No" when something does not work for me. I am now confident in sharing my story to empower other women by becoming an author and motivational speaker!     ~ Denisse Ocasio, Abington MA