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In order to keep our discussions focused, I have created a daily topic that is related to challenges that Single Moms encounter. This way each day is day is specific yet different. I will get the topic going with a statement or question, and invite everyone to share and respond.

Monday - Goals and Dreams. Every Monday I will invite you to share with the group one goal for the week that you have and state what action you will take to achieve it.

Tuesday – Letting Go of Your Past. Every Tuesday I will invite you to share one thing from your past that is keeping you stuck.

Wednesday – Money Matters. Every Wednesday we will talk about money, and the challenges presented by it.

Thursday – Time Management. Every Thursday we will talk about how to organize and create more time in your day.

Friday – Child Care and Support. Every Friday we will talk about how to run your house with love and respect, as well as co-parenting and child care struggles.

Saturday – Relationships. Every Saturday we will discuss romantic relationships. Whether you are in one, looking for one or trying to end one, Saturday is the day to air it out.

Sunday – Day of Rest. Sunday is God’s day, and even He took the day off. It is a good day to share with the group any triumph or victories you had during the week. It is also a good time to take a deep breath, recharge your batteries and start thinking what goal you have for the following week. 

Daily Topics of Discussion

The purpose of this group is to cultivate an interactive community of Love and Support. 

It is a private, members only group for Single Moms.

Members are encouraged to participate, support and learn. 

In order to maintain our standard, I have created a set of guidelines that will define our goal. By being a part of this group, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 

  • ​The purpose of the group is for Single Moms to share their challenges and triumphs in a safe and secure setting. So what is shared in the group must stay in the group. Any violations of this policy will result in a permanent exit from the group. 

  • It is a place for sharing, but it is not a therapy session. Coaching and Therapy are two different things. The members in the group as well as myself are not qualified to handle any psychological problems. So I ask that you seek the proper help if that is the case.

  • Please share or respond in a kind and respectful manner. Being a Single Mom is challenging enough without being dragged down by your peers. Please be supportive, uplifting and genuine to the other members. Anyone who is rude or nasty in any way will result in a permanent exit from the group.

  • If someone shares something that resonates with you, and you feel that you can help by relating your experience, please do so. I am trying to cultivate community, and the best advice sometimes comes from a peer.

  • If someone asks a specific question and you have a resource such as a web page link or a video link, please feel free to share it with the entire group. Please do not post any links to websites or videos that do not support the specific area in question.

  • Please do not post any personal Youtube or self-made videos on the group page. I will remove them immediately.

  • If you are a business person, please do not promote your business either publicly or privately in this group. That means no links to your website, products or services, or any posts that are meant to sell or promote your business. That is not part of our purpose. Any violations of this policy will result in a permanent exit from the group.

  • All new members must register at  If you have a friend that you want to bring in, please refer them to my website. Please do not add anyone to the group. As the administrator, it is my discretion as to who I will accept. If you add anyone without having them go through the process, I will remove them.

As the administrator and owner of the page, I reserve the right to add or remove anyone from the group. I also reserve the right to offer webinars, products and services that will help our Single Mom family.

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Rules and Guidelines for the “Hope for Single Moms” Facebook Group

Please take a moment to read the Topics of Discussion and the Group Guidelines and Rules.

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