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Diversity Leads to Opportunity

50 Ways to Shatter the Limits

of Cultural Beliefs and Cultural Pressure

Do you know that your Cultural Beliefs can stop you from finding happiness in your life? Our race, religion and nationality all come with limiting beliefs that shape our lives as we grow up. Unaware of the harmful influence, we inevitably find ourselves living our entire lives based on the beliefs we were taught by our culture.

These beliefs hold us back in many areas of our life. Maybe we have a career we want to pursue, people we want to interact with or levels of success we want to achieve. Perhaps there are passions we want to follow. Instead, the beliefs of our culture squashed our dreams.

This book offers easy to follow tips that will help you embrace your culture but NOT let it define you!               

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Love Starts With You

50 Ways to Create, Empower and Transform Yourself

in Relationships and Life

Do you want a great relationship? What woman doesn’t want the man of her dreams? So why are so many of you stuck in dead end relationships with men who disrespect you? Why are so many of you moving from relationship to relationship with always the same old result?

It’s time to stop waiting for a healthy relationship to come along and make you happy, because it won’t. The key is to make yourself happy from the inside, build a strong foundation of self-worth, and then enhance your life with a relationship.

This book offers easy to follow tips that will help you to create, empower and transform your life so that you will be powerful to enjoy the relationship of your dreams.